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You Should Only Buy Third-Party Tested CBD. Here’s Why!

What’s the Purpose Behind Independent Third-Party Lab Testing?

Are you wondering why Splash CBD products are advertised as being third-party tested? It all has to do with transparency! The goal of third-party testing is to have an unbiased source stating the facts about what the products contain.

As a consumer, there’s no way for you to prove what’s in your CBD oil (unless, of course, you happen to be a scientist with plenty of chemistry skills and a lab handy!) What’s stopping your CBD oil company from putting a false label on a product that doesn’t actually have a lot of CBD?

If companies tested their own products, they could technically skew the results if they were shady or untrustworthy. But with a neutral, unbiased third-party lab, you can see the truth about the products you are buying. It shows that the company has nothing to hide.

Any good CBD company will provide certification that its products have been third-party tested in a lab by certified scientists. Laboratory testing is expensive, but a reputable company is willing to spend thousands to get a third-party-tested label on their products.

What Do They Test For?

A CBD Certificate of Analysis will show several different things. It usually shows the company that is being tested, the specific batch that was tested, the date of testing, and the method that was used. It will have a signature of approval at the bottom.

In most cases, labs are testing for potency and the levels of different cannabinoids in the product. So you will see the percentage or amount of THC, CBD, and perhaps other compounds that are usually found in hemp or cannabis products. Of course, when it comes to CBD products from industrial hemp like Splash CBD products, you’ll see extremely low levels of THC (between 0.0% and 0.3%).

Does the FDA Control CBD Products?

As of right now, the FDA does not regulate CBD and cannabis products. This may change in the future, but currently, our federal government doesn’t test CBD or cannabis products for safety and quality. That means it’s up to the individual companies – and the third-party labs – to ensure products are truly as safe and as high-quality as they claim to be.

Is Independent Third-Party Testing Required?

Some states mandate third party lab testing, while others do not. Despite the fact that it’s not required in all states, we strongly believe that all companies should engage in independent third-party testing. It’s so important to keep consumers informed about what’s in their CBD products!

How to Check the Safety and Quality of Your CBD Oil

Next time you buy CBD from any source, ask for the lab results or COA (certificate of analysis). If the lab result matches what you see on the product label, you’re in good hands! But if the results don’t add up or if the company doesn’t want to share any lab results with you, you should be wary of that company.

For Splash CBD products, simply scan the QR code on the label to view the third-party lab test results!

Do you have any questions about independent third-party lab testing or the ingredients in Splash CBD? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re here to help.

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